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Do you struggle with these changes in your brain power?

“over age 40” changes?

Can’t focus for more than a few minutes? Forgetting where you left off constantly?
Dependent on reminders for every little thing or Post-its scattered around the house?
Can’t remember names no matter how hard you try or forget faces of people you just met?
Sleep is elusive. You’re so tired you can barely get through the day without a nap?
Weight gain is your nemesis. What’s up with the stubborn belly fat?

Sharp - Vibrant - Independent

Aging is inevitable, but disease is not. 

Genes and family history are not your destiny. Taking preventive action lowers your risk…a lot!

Here’s the thing: There is no effective medication to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s disease. You can control creating a lifestyle that renews and protects your brain power.

It’s never too early to start.

You want to be independent for decades. You have a family to love and adventures to plan. You want your brain (and body) to be fit and youthful.

Let’s Get Started!

Habits That Build a Vibrant Brain:


The food you eat makes a profound impact on how zippy your brain works. I’ll show you how to stock a brain healthy kitchen. Meal planning and preparation can be EASY, FAST and delicious. No fad diets. Just real food.


Think of sleep as trash pick-up day for your brain. Special cells in the brain take out the garbage in our brains when we sleep and only when we sleep. We’ll work together to build sleep strategies that optimize the quantity and quality of your sleep so you feel rested and sharp every day.


Whether you enjoy a competitive CrossFit workout, a Zen barre session, softball leagues or walking in nature, movement is essential to your brain health. We’ll develop creative ways for you to move every day that fit your schedule. It’ll feel more like playing than exercising. You might even find you start a new activity you never imagined doing.


It’s time to “chill out”. Relaxation time may seem like wasted time. But, it’s brain restoration time. You’ll discover ways to renew your mind and boost your creativity and productivity. Moments of pure relaxation turn off the fight or flight mode and counteract the negative biochemical reactions that come from stress. Seriously…as few as six minutes a day creates profound changes.

Describing icon for information about toxic health concerns.


Mold. Heavy Metals. Pesticides. Environmental Toxins. They can all negatively affect brain health and cause Alzheimer’s symptoms. The best treatment is prevention. We’ll provide resources on how to identify toxins and reduce them in your home and yard. And, we’ll help you follow detox protocols recommended by your physician.

Icon for brain stimulation


Maintaining or restoring sharp cognition requires strength training for the brain. Research shows specific brain training exercises improve specific skills in the brain. We’ll help you identify what cognitive areas you want to strengthen and help you work that into your lifestyle and have fun with it.

Ready to prevent the causes of Alzheimer’s and build a vibrant brain that gives you the independence to enjoy more happy memories with family and friends?


Working with Monica is changing my life in the only way that truly matters - I am getting healthy again. In less than six months my inflammation has decreased significantly, I make conscious decisions about what I put into my body, I'm enjoying cooking and being creative with meals and snacks, and I've lost 15 pounds.


When I started working with Monica, my health challenges were varied and complex. I was overweight, had two injured knees, and slept only four to five hours a night. I was building a business but could not keep my eyes open during the day, let alone focus. I had studied on my own, tried many things, worked with a steady flow of people – whether doctors or holistic practitioners – and was a veteran of too many failed attempts to move the needle. I needed someone who knew more than I had already learned.

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