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Have you experienced these common

“over age 40” changes?

So tired you can barely get through the day without a nap, and you crash immediately after dinner?
Can’t focus for more than an hour or two. Getting through your to-do list seems impossible and you don’t understand why.
Those extra pounds came from out of nowhere and no matter what diet you try, they just won’t go away.
Sleep is elusive. Either you can’t fall asleep or you wake up at the slightest noise and can’t get back to sleep. An uninterrupted eight hours of sleep seems like it’s gone forever.

Energetic - Focused - Lean - Joyful

You have wisdom, financial stability, relationships, and dreams.  Have you accomplished this much only to be unable to deeply enjoy it all? 

As our bodies age, we’ve created long-standing habits that lead to symptoms like sleeplessness, lack of focus, weight gain, low energy, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and stomach pain. We can’t see the damage. It’s inside. It’s silent. It lives in our body systems and it’s driven by chronic inflammation.

Here’s the thing: Inflammation can be reduced and you’ll feel better than you’ve ever imagined.

Here's How We Do It:


What we put in our mouth has a profound influence on our biochemistry. I’ll show you easy ways to pick foods and supplements that help your gut happily process nutrients, send the good stuff to your brain, build muscle, reduce fat, detox and remove everything else.


What? Am I telling you to sleep more? Maybe. We’ll build strategies that help you sleep better. You’ll fall asleep when it’s bedtime, sleep soundly through the night, and you’ll wake up rested and ready to conquer your goals. Pssst, better sleep reduces inflammation, builds muscle and makes your skin look gorgeous. How cool is that?


Whether you enjoy a competitive CrossFit workout, a Zen barre session, softball leagues or hiking your hometown, movement is essential to your health goals. You don’t have to cringe because you hate exercise or you’re in too much pain to think about it. We’ll develop creative ways for you to move every day that fit your schedule. It’ll feel more like playing than exercising. Hard core NON-Movers, you’re in the right place.


It’s time to “chill out”. As a successful person, relaxation time may seem like wasted time to your ambitious doer self. You’ll discover ways to renew your body and mind and even amplify your creativity and productivity. Moments of pure relaxation turn off fight or flight mode and counteract the negative biochemical reactions that come from stress. Seriously…as few as six minutes a day can have profound changes.


Working with Monica is changing my life in the only way that truly matters - I am getting healthy again. In less than six months my inflammation has decreased significantly, I make conscious decisions about what I put into my body, I'm enjoying cooking and being creative with meals and snacks, and I've lost 15 pounds.


When I started working with Monica, my health challenges were varied and complex. I was overweight, had two injured knees, and slept only four to five hours a night. I was building a business but could not keep my eyes open during the day, let alone focus. I had studied on my own, tried many things, worked with a steady flow of people – whether doctors or holistic practitioners – and was a veteran of too many failed attempts to move the needle. I needed someone who knew more than I had already learned.

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