Meet Monica:

Just like you...

I was a hard-charging corporate professional who rose through the ranks to executive management and had the title, power, and prestige I dreamt of since college.

Like you, I was puzzled as to why I could not shed those pesky 15 pounds, why I could barely keep my eyes open after 2:00 pm, why I couldn’t remember every detail of a conference call without writing nearly every word. And, after sleeping like a rock my whole life, I was waking up and having trouble getting back to sleep.

Added to these symptoms was my newly-discovered genetic information. I have a genetic marker, APOE4, that increases the chances for Alzheimer’s disease. My mother has Alzheimer’s, and so did her mother. That was the catalyst to make lifelong changes.

Hopeful and Persistent

Luckily, my eyes were opened to an idea that changed my life — none of us are doomed by our genetic codes. We can control what genes are expressed, prevent disease, increase our longevity, and most importantly, improve our quality of life.

Once I knew this, I created a personal protocol based on the latest nutrition and longevity research, my biochemistry and genetics, and I stuck with it with a badger’s tenacity.

And, here’s the bee’s knees: My health improved more than I ever expected. So much so, that my doctor refers his patients to me for nutrition coaching.

Wanna Know My Results?

All blood tests are improved and in the “good” ranges. My brain feels like someone installed twin turbos. I have more energy and added muscle like a varsity football hero.

  • 30 pounds lost
  • Down three dress sizes
  • Reduced fat by 13%
  • Sleep through the night for 7-8 hours

Most importantly, I have the energy and brain power to help more people just like YOU!