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Blooming From the Inside

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Humor Leads the Way

A friend of mine who lives in the Arizona desert shared the result of her creative outlet: Photography…with her iPhone. She has an incredible sense of humor: dry, ironic and sometimes self-effacing. Her latest photo of an aloe vera plant – that belonged to her grandmother and later lovingly transplanted to my friend’s home – was so beautiful in its simplicity. In her inimitable style, my friend quipped, “This thing is older than me. Wish I looked this good.”

When I first saw the funny, self-effacing message wishing she looked as good as a 50+ year old aloe plant, my fingers rushed to the keyboard ready to type, “You look great!” And, she does. 

Age – What’s in a Number?

Like many in our social circle, she is 50 and notices the outside things that are changing: a few lines in the skin; thinning and graying hair; stubborn waistline; hot flashes; sleepless nights. 

She’s also noticed things on the inside of her body responding to age: brain fog, anxiety, low moods.

Life Lessons from an Aloe Vera Plant

I looked again at the aloe plant photo. It has a beautiful legacy: Nurtured by a grandmother, weathered by the Arizona climate, transplanted, flourishing and nurtured by a granddaughter.

Something hit me while admiring that aloe plant photo. Every year, that plant sends bright green, juicy, nourished leaves up from the middle. As long as it’s alive, it sends new growth from the inside out. Every. Single. Year. 

The outer aloe leaves; what happens to them? They weather storms: scorching temperatures, blazing sun, critters, drought, frost, and even the death of a few family members. While the leaves’ outer skin might become tougher to the touch, they’re still filled with nourishing, healing goodness. (If you’ve ever healed a burn with aloe, you know it’s healing powers).

Photo Credit: Michelle Miller

What Will You Grow from the Inside Out?

Hey ladies, the clock may be ticking and you may feel “weathered” on the outside some days, but you have beautiful, fresh growth within you: wisdom, creativity, patience, empathy, knowledge, love and so much more. It’s bursting to come out.

If you want to take more control of the changes inside and outside of your body, there’s so much you can do. It might mean stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry. You have the power to grow fresh, green, new leaves every year. 

To learn more about how you can improve your brain and body and grow from the inside out, click here to schedule a free 20-minute chat.

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