Working with Monica is changing my life in the only way that truly matters - I am getting healthy again. In less than six months my inflammation has decreased significantly, I make conscious decisions about what I put into my body, I'm enjoying cooking and being creative with meals and snacks, and I've lost 15 pounds.
When we started working together and Monica suggested I try eliminating sugar to see if it helped with my inflammation, I was scared and not sure if I'd be able to do it. I LOVED sugar! I trusted Monica and went for it. It was the longest three weeks of my life - for everyone in my house - and in the end, we all survived (it was NOT easy.) My inflammation was significantly reduced. But just to be sure, I had some sugar and felt physically miserable afterward! Today, I don't even crave sugar!
Living with chronic pain, I wasn't exercising, so when Monica suggested adding movement, we started with walking up and down the stairs in my house and today, I am the proud owner of a recumbent bike that actually gets used as a bike and not a clothes hanger! Without Monica and the accountability, support, and guidance she provided, none of this progress would have happened! My family and I are forever grateful to Monica and Restore and Renew.


When I started working with Monica, my health challenges were varied and complex. I was overweight, had two injured knees, and slept only four to five hours a night. I was building a business but could not keep my eyes open during the day, let alone focus. I had studied on my own, tried many things, worked with a steady flow of people – whether doctors or holistic practitioners – and was a veteran of too many failed attempts to move the needle. I needed someone who knew more than I had already learned.

In comes Monica and her brilliant self and for the first time, things are changing. My sleep has begun to improve and I actually had a seven-hour night last night. I can’t remember the last time I slept that long but it was certainly 20 years ago.

A card-carrying exercise hater, I’ve now joined a gym for older women and attend regularly. I walk more, too. My knees hurt way less and I’ve begun to lose weight. I just have a much different overall view of my health and me.

There are no formulas here. Monica works with me in a way that works FOR me. She gets a handle on what moves people and tailors solutions that are very personal. She has a depth and range that I’d never encountered, and she keeps on learning. She reads medical books but there’s nothing that’s ever inaccessible because she’s a master translator. And a bonus: She’s seriously fun to work with.